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Events for 2021 Via ZOOM On Line


The Power of Mindful Meditation

   Weekly Meditation VIA ZOOM

 Thursday 9 am weekly


Distance, Live Guided Energy Session

      1 hour, live via ZOOM

Private session 


…enrich your life by deepening your consciousness

Dream Workshop- do they have meaning? What is a reoccurring dream? 

An introduction to dreams and the unconscious includes: setting intentions, how to analyze your dreams and much more Based in Gestalt 

Two 4 hourZOOM Classes


The Basics of a Shamanic Practice with Kathy & Harry

Via ZOOM – This is the Basis for the Shamanic Practice, with the tools and techniques handed down from masters over lifetimes. Mastering these techniques for yourself now, enable a whole new world to open in your psyche, 

Introduction 3 hours


Welcome to the Fifth Dimension


The 5D Masterclass is an initiation to the 5th Dimension where we, as the collective, are growing towards more and more.

On the way to our new world, the primary organizing principle of cosmic intelligence is activated. You will naturally already be using this high-frequency energy. Here’s how you recognize it


 8 hours Includes guidance handouts and collaboration. Group Size is limited, 


Deep Trance Identification DTI


This class is designed to introduce you to the powerful and what seems, magical world of Deep Trance Identification. Unconsciously model excellence by leveraging the neural foundations we all laid as children.  Creating deep generative change

In this interactive class you will discover:

Come ready to explore and grow.

  • The 2 types of learning strategies humans use
  • The generative change
  • What is Deep Trance Identification and the neuroscience that underlays it
  • The 2 key ways we use DTI
  • Advanced Listening at the core of  DTI experience


In Canadian Dollars, via e-transfer, Contact us now and secure your space
ZOOM classes include breaks and where applicable, time for lunch – courses are designed to magnify the opportunities we have right now, for harvesting our own personal genius!

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