Welcome to Mastery of Deep Trance States®

Pivotal Change Elite Coaching build resilience in body mind and heart All coaching via ZOOM Classroom, Live Streaming with Harry Nichols and/or Kathy Welter

Solutions for Stress, Anxiety, lack of Sleep

As Professionals, learn how to inspire others, lead and facilitate Meditation Programs. Take this certification program and expand your practice with skills that everyone needs today. Meditation Practitioner Certification, online Live Cohort Training - over 6 weeks, two - 2 hour sessions a week

Classes are Booking Now - Private 1 on 1 Coaching available

Mastery of Deep Trance States - 9 weeks meditation practicum Join us this year, and Certify with the Mastery of Deep Trance States® Book a free Discovery Session with Kathy or Harry and find more about what we do: NLP Certification Training
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