Our mission is simple. We want to help successful people, like you, achieve positive, lasting change in behaviour; for yourself, your people, and your teams. We want to help you make your life better.

How to Get the Most Out of The Alchemy of Beliefs

The best way to get the results you want in your life and keep them. is: Suspend your disbelief now... Those inner mind states often keep us stuck in belief maps from our past. Together we take a much deeper look at beliefs calibrating an effective belief map and apply the power of your creative metaphors to structure the most effective ones for you. Your stories and experiences are at the core of what has created and retains the structure of the beliefs you hold today. We will be constructive. We’re here to propel you forward and lite you up. We will find ways to inspire big thoughts and reframe challenges and obstacles. You're a Part of Something Bigger as we systematically unravel the conscious and non-conscious which you have learned to navigate your life through... Let's do it, four weeks of intensive recalibrating your belief strategies and you will not only see the difference, you will be feeling it too. More than anything your inner mind will begin to reflect in the outer world around you. This is the Mastery of Self. harry@masteryofdeeptrancestates.com

Graduate Meditation Facilitator Certification

Add this Meditation Facilitator program to your practice and become a leader in your community, while helping people learn this valuable skill. In just six weeks this Live Streaming program via ZOOM, with Kathy, gives you everything you need to start and run Meditation Groups. We'll also take a look at the evidence based neuroscience that helps you present this program in a way that facilitates the benefits without getting into the belief structures people have about it. There's no question, meditation and mindful practices are what the human consciousness is in deep need of today. * Overcome Anxiety, Stress, Traumatic challenges * Reduce blood pressure * Increase sleep and well-being * Retrain your own brain to provide you with the Relaxation Response, no matter what the circumstances. Sign up and become a part of the change needed now, more than ever
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