The Neuro Energetic Pathways of the Heart

The NEPH System Neuro Energetic Pathways of the Heart
embraces the energetic pathways of the heart and brain








The Shaman  Inside,

Is an Advanced Listening System for what is changing in our world today. We can no longer hold ourselves as unique in holding higher consciousness or as holders of a mentality that derives its nature from power over others. In other words, no one person holds a unique brain that can navigate the human experience any better than another.  And before we start reflecting on those with perceived limitations or challenges in brain/physical function, let’s come back to the reality we are judging something we have little knowledge of.  We’re judging from a place of differences and separation; rather than loving acceptance and appreciation for the uniqueness of the individual’s experience.

This is at the Core of the Shaman Inside and the N.E.P.H system embracing what is with gratitude and loving-kindness.
As we take this journey towards increasing our consciousness, this is where we find ourselves right now

Advanced Language Systems allow that can communicate beyond simple language. And in fact, when we stop talking, both inside and out, we begin to hear a universe that is constantly connecting. These systems the ancients knew and understood. We see them in our movies today, the ENT’s and the Crystals, and the Dragons and view them as fantasy… are we sure?

Structure and Nature of Beliefs As we open to the possibility of our beliefs being other than what we believe, or have been told to believe, what changes in your world? How many beliefs have you acquired through following media or the advice of others? Unconscious beliefs act as internal “stop codons” designed originally to help navigate our world without harm, and today it’s gone so far beyond this, beliefs are at the cause and core of so many of the limitations and challenges still plaguing our reality.

Cognitive Recognitions Cognition is the capacity of the brain to recognize, filter and make sense of the world around us. If our cognition is impaired through bias and limiting beliefs we will continue to experience racism, dogmatic behaviours, fears and anxiety designed specifically to control. Many of our beliefs are seated in our childhood experiences. As we move to greater Oneness, we can embrace our childhoods with love, acceptance, and gratitude. No matter what transpired, we are in the moment, in control…and we can choose to love.

Patterns of the Whole Beyond the limitations of separation, there is a field, we’d like to meet you there.
We are indeed all one, we share a daily breath, fluids, thoughts, beliefs, languages, families…we share our blood and our minds and hearts recognize the wholeness even if we prefer to “pretend” we are not that.

Fractals Imaging and Cognitive Creativity Sit with a crystal for a few moments and pretend it is just a cold lump of stone. Now pick up your cell phone and scroll a few websites, link to your MapQuest, and email your mother. Every cell phone, computer, car, fridge, washer & dryer…has chips within it, that are from quartz crystal

Put your cell phone down and pick up the crystal again… millions of times more energy running through a crystal than the tiny chip in your phone. Sit for a moment, and still your mind, breathe deeply, relax, and even, yes, tune in and listen.

The Mastery of Selfhood we cannot awaken from this timeline if we do not raise our consciousness. That means we have some pretty hefty loads to lift off our belief patterns, so we can allow…

The Unified Field as an Advanced Practice will include


The Field As Possibility

Language beyond Communication,

Communication as Predominant Polarity,

Communication as an aspect of oneness,

Advancing Listening Systems,

The Energy Body As a Communication and Transportation Mechanism –

  • As a language system
  • As a reflective Pattern
  • As an open-ended  system

Advanced Listening Systems and the Shaman Inside

The Shamanic teachings

Origins of the Shaman

Tools of the Shaman

Methodology Producing Physiology

Integrating systems:




Clearing Space

Life and Death

Sexuality and the suggestive reproduction of Belief Models

A structure of Ambivalent Creativity

The Magicians

The Soul and its attributes

Reviewing Cognitive impression

Creative analysis of physiology – choosing alternate life experiences

Environmental Structure

Belief Systems and Requirements

Subjective and speculative imaging

Psychology as an aspect of subliminal persuasion

The imprinting of the psyche

The True Nature of Healing

The Feminine Model  Awakening the Feminine within

Belief structures and intuitive technologies as a “cancel culture”

As a Thank You to our many students,

For those that have travelled the path with us, we welcome you as ceded members of our Team
Your skills, tools, gifts, awareness, and what you have done with your consciousness since are valuable and so necessary

Those that have finished SI Journey and introductions receiving their certificate, are so welcome to rekindle the work with us






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