The Shaman Inside

Would you like to introduce the Shaman Inside to others, facilitate group seminars and lead transformative workshops? Join the Shaman Inside this year for our Virtual Shaman Inside Facilitator Training!

Go deeper with your personal practice, as you meet others on a similar path.

The Shaman Inside provides our updated facilitator’s manual with a wealth of resources! Past participants can also enrol in the course again for specialized prices

Take the training from the comfort of your home in 7 monthly 3.5-hour Zoom sessions with personal study assignments and projects between classes.

Attendance in a Qualifying interview is required for participants, as we well recognize this program is not for everyone. To participate you must actively join in the entire year’s training, as we are looking to expand the Shaman Inside teachings globally and pass through to the Adepts, the guidance we’ve received so they might add to the body of work as well.

The SHAMAN INSIDE: Adept Level

So, what is a Shaman Adept

First, it’s someone who holds an interest in the vast potential of life and its many facets. One who can speak about it to a variety of audiences. This is actually a bit tricky, since the definition is quite slippery, and the origins are mysterious.

Also, the terminology and applications of the Shamanic Practice vary a lot depending on if you’re talking to a group of high school students, patients at a cancer treatment centre, or employees in a corporate office.

Likewise, there are an infinite number of applications for the Shaman, both personally and professionally. Some of what we are called to do are transformative, creative, problem-solving, community building, or stress reduction; and some of the work involves directly connecting with the “field” itself.

The Shaman Inside: Practitioner

The second central aspect is organizing events and expanding experience. There are many aspects to leading a group: questions, concerns, and personal discoveries all can be part of what the facilitator will be considering. There’s also the pace and flow of the work when conducting the symphony of different people entering and exiting into sacred time and space.

In addition,  there is the practice of holding space for various experiences and providing opportunities for processing knowledge through sharing, journaling, and many creative reflective exercises.

Finally, becoming a Shaman Inside facilitator creates a pathway to working professionally in the realm of expanding your own energy, awareness and skills.

The Magicians Path

The Alchemists Way takes us into a historical review of the practice of transformation at the base levels into higher frequencies. In order to achieve this, the Magicians path takes us into the recovery of what has gone before as we awaken to the deeper work – Awakening the Alchemist Within

The Shaman

While you do not leave behind the life you are living now, instead, you have added to your genius an advanced system of understanding and knowledge. The world’s chaos is a matter of direction finding and what you are called to participate in.

It’s not about the doing, it will reveal itself as Being

In this, we invite you to join us on the great adventure where we turn over every stone, walk every path, and recover the long-lost part of ourselves as the real story of who you are.

Introductory Class with Harry and Kathy

The Steps to Channeling Activating your “Insights”

1: Grounding and Centering

2: Heighten your inner Vision & Auditory systems

3: Have your space secure so you will not be interrupted

4: Use a crystal if you have one you work with

5: Make your initial introduction

6: Record the messages you receive

Preparation for Channeling

1: Set a circle and secure your space

2: Find an inner connection

3: Call them forth

4: Ensure with the “signature”

5: Open to receive


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