A History of The Shaman Inside

With Harry Nichols & Kathy Welter

August 28, 2022  (8-28-2022  )
*Triple 8 Vibration day”.

We felt that it was important to tell our stories as creators of the Shaman Inside, and also as facilitators. We drew on a new family of fellow companions who embraced the potential of the “unseen” and wanted to gather together to both share and learn new possibilities which are opportunities within us all. We need our creation stories. We evolve when we know who we are, and where we have been. The mountains we’ve climbed and oceans we’ve crossed, the stars we’ve shared time with and the ones that have shared their light with us.

The collective deeper values of those called to this are all part of the story we weave today, together.

When I think of the history of the Shaman Inside, we must go back as far as we can, witness what we see, and “Listen” to what is still there, speaking to us, and connect to the feelings and emotions we translate through the energy in the sacred spaces.

We said “Yes” we will follow where you ask us to go, we will place footsteps where you ask us to, we will use the skills we are given to do the work we are asked of now.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a notion of Terma which means that certain teachings are hidden by ancient teachers to be discovered at the right moment by adepts in a modern age when the time is right for them to re-emerge. Encoded in the sacred spaces, the stones and tombs, the mountains, the Dolman, the ancient forests, and crypts. From pyramids to pyramid builders they encoded sacred wisdom if one knows how to Listen.

Listening today; is different from listening even five years ago


• Who might have conceived or perceived of what was to be asked of all of us, over the past 3 years? The personal losses and confinements … confined to our own company, our own thoughts, our own space…
• Technology bringing its global impact delivering to our front rooms, cell phones, 24/7 a news feed that we previously trusted implicitly, and increasingly developed greater discernment for all of us, laced with miss-information, charges and challenges we followed certain “threads” at our own peril,  learning how quickly suggestions can take root and manifest as our new reality.

• For a time, humanity stepped away from following a spiritual or enlightened path in favour of following the news of the day, bent on survival
• Women’s groups could barely conceive of the pushback that was coming and how intensely that was going to ricochet through the planet’s cultures
• Race, religion and sexual orientation were now all going through a deep psychic review. Why would a girl not want to change to a boy if she had the options? What would a boy choose if he could?
• Religions were being abandoned, fraught with their own levels of denial, abuse and terrorism in the psyche of the generations emerging
• The pursuit of “more” accelerated and then stopped almost abruptly in the midst of the growing awareness of waste, planetary pollution, and climate change
• The Harmonic Convergence happened in 1987 and the shamanic world looked at the following years as the most significant time in the planet’s history.

Awaking to the inner consciousness was a growing necessity and yet there was both a blindness and stubbornness by those that were following the leverages of a “system” of “never enough”

It took many years for people to recognize the wealth of the Old Growth Forests and let them continue. Even today, this is not fully embraced by governments or businesses nor even some of the general population. And yet it’s all connected. As the old-growth forests fell, the climate continued to spiral out of control, as the climate changes became daily news, the audiences became seemed to become increasingly deaf

The first decade of the Shaman Inside was a wild ride. At that time, many people were attending and learning the basics of the shaman’s path Practitioners were re-born all over the globe. Our primary focus was on responding to the many questions attendees had about the “How to”. What tools, what does this mean, and how can we access this information?

We quickly discovered many overlays in the “systems” of shamanism that were not exclusive to anyone’s school of knowledge in particular.

The Shaman Inside teaches us to listen to the deeper wisdom that is there all around us

Food and lifestyle choices included high-frequency foods and learning how to imbue foods with energy through simple gratitude

Alcohol challenged focus, while plant medicines often enhanced the brains capabilities

Over many years, so many people continued to ask Harry for insights and techniques in working with energy systems. The ability to set one’s focus and the depth that one can attain during sessions is part of the inner adjustments

Suspending beliefs just long enough to open one’s mind to the potential of the “unseen” and have that “resonant” experience

Our first Shaman Inside in Vancouver had 10 participants. The greatest experience for each was doing the practice. Experiencing the setting of the circles, calling in the energy fields, expanding consciousness through drumming journeys and deep trance work all accelerated the “knowing”, being quiet and still with nature

To Know: is the first command of the Magicians Creed
  • You cannot KNOW something through someone else’s experience,
    You must experience it for yourself
    Observe the outcomes
    Now, the experience becomes your teacher

All of us have trusted that there is something more to this life, but what?

We have trusted that the organizing principle of the Shaman Inside will evolve as systems and tools become part of the growth model.

The Shaman’s world operates on the inside, transforming one from the inside out. It’s the development of Who I am, within, rather than being defined by the outer world

As such many of our practitioners had radical lifestyle shifts and changes

Our journey, in alignment with the Shaman Inside, has taken us to many sacred sites the world over, meeting with amazing people. At times we wonder if it’s the Shaman directing our work, or is it from within that we are calling the Shaman to us?

And perhaps a bit of both…

Our work in Italy revealed a very sacred place to work where portals and gateways opened along with sacred geometry to support the apprentices. Rituals of clearing and cleansing created awareness within each attendee. Some had physical challenges, others emotional, all of it clearing the way for enhancing their work.

In addition, drawing on the world of archaeologists and seekers to what we were doing and they came and showed us the many places of the ancient Etruscans who first lived on the cliffs in the mountains of Italy

Join us for this global movement and open your sensory system to all that is, we are part of the evolution of consciousness and we are all participating.





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