Harry Nichols & Kathy Welter

Our mission is simple. We want to help successful people, like you,  achieve positive, lasting change in behaviour; for yourself, your people, and your teams. We want to help you make your life better.


We now know change needs to happen at a deeper level to really be effective and sustain it permanently, there are a few things that make this work brilliantly. And it’s all there right in the brain.

We’ve created a fusion of NLP, Neuroscience, Mindset, Emotional Intelligence and hypnotic process’s taking us into a deeper and more complex layers of the ‘self’ that thankfully we can now access with a refreshed integration using evidence based neuroscience.

Harry Nichols : NLP Licensed Master Trainer and Coach
Pivot Change Coach, Neuro Change Master Trainer
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist
What would it look like now, to focus entirely on what you really want. And us the creative mindset and emotional freedom to achieve it?  Creating that future that you know is possible for you?


NLP Coach, NLP Licensed Trainer, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist,
HypnoBirthing Childcare Educator, Meditation Facilitator Training
Neuro Change Master Trainer,
Creator: The Bulimia Breakthrough Method™
Author of : Chasing Hunger, Meditation for Beginners & Mindful for Beginners

The Fusion of NLP & Evidence Based Neuroscience delivers:

1: Positive mindset and emotional awareness development to keep the changes you make

2: Practical access to your mind making changes specific and automatic

3: The freedom you yearn for and gives you the power to choose the mindset and program your future the way you want

4: Increase personal awareness and increased confidence

5: The capability for you to develop the strategies that work for you

6: The mindset that you have always wanted and the ability to keep it!

It’s like having access to every part of your brain and the ability to use that power consciously

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