Kathy Welter

Kathy Welter is a two-time pioneer in her field – She’s the creator of the Bulimia Breakthrough Method, having helped hundreds of people overcome the addictive components of this debilitating disorder. She is one of the founding members of the meditation and mindful practices for patients and their families undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses.  Advancing meditation practices for others takes some skill and know-how. In her Graduate Meditation Facilitator program, she has put it all together giving students the basics through to expert trainer levels.

She’s a best-selling author of several books: Chasing Hunger, The 90 Day Bulimia Breakthrough Method; Meditation for Beginners; and Mindful for Beginners.

Her fascination with the body/brain/spirit connection started in working with cancer patients over 35 years ago…then as part of the delivery team at BC’s Cancer Clinic and evolved to creating & supporting over 30 different “Relaxation Circles” in Medical Facilities to help meet the need for both patients and families experiencing the trauma of a life-threatening illness.

She is a co-creator of the Relaxation Circle project in BC and has facilitated many circles teaching people the basics of Meditation and Mindful Practice. This translated perfectly into her work with Bulimia, where clients presented with “addictive” patterns and an inability to find their way out of very dark and destructive behaviour.

Kathy is also a Birth and Labour Coach Doula and introduces new parents to “mindful practices” and meditation to help during birth preparation, attending the birth, and after birth; navigating the challenges of new parenthood. Some of her earliest infants are now entering university

It was in 1995 that she was introduced to the work of Dr Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical school. He was actively advancing research he began in 1977 and 1978 when he was first introduced to the Dahlia Lama  & Thich Nat Hahn – both leaders & advocates of Meditation

With the passing of both Dr Herbert Benson and Thich Nat Hahn in February 2022  she came to the realization that a single Meditation Facilitator is not enough. Not nearly enough to take the evolution of our consciousness where it needs to go now.

Stepping up to the challenge, she has taken her 35+ years of expertise and blended this into a three-part certificate program which helps people

First: learn the basics of Meditation
Second: become a Practitioner and run relaxation circles;
Third: teach and train the program she teaches.

The evidence-based neuroscience is there now and with hundreds of studies and research continuing Meditation is one of the most highly reviewed methods for changing the brain, and she has included this material in her training circles since the very beginning. The difference today is the information is now available and supported by esteemed universities like Harvard Medical School, UCLA, Stanford and others.

Kathy is the co-owner of Welter Nichols and Associates, which provide Society of NLP Certification programs, Elite Coaching; Corporate training. Recently she has taken Neuroscience to new levels with training at Harvard in their neuroscience program and becoming a Neuro Change Master Trainer.

“With the evidence in neuroscience today, there is no question we need to re-learn this long-lost skill of brain health, and it’s no surprise everything we’ve been doing over the past several decades has been taking us further and further away from it”

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