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There’s never been a greater need for this kind of program, allowing people to move beyond pain and suffering reframing their experiences and harvesting the gold from one’s life is the most powerful use of self-awareness.


“The time I spent Learning your program was incredible to say the very least. I came away with the tools to help with these issues but so very much more. Your dedication to assisting others and vast wealth of experience and knowledge, combined with your willingness to share that taught me skills far and beyond those I already have. Not to be boastful, I thought my skills and knowledge were pretty good and yet I came away from your training with so much more information I felt I’d been a novice until now. ” LM – Sidney AU


“Your program not only facilitates the demise of the presenting problem but offers a way of being at peace with the world rather than a constant struggle. It has been both powerful and amazing.”  DM – Vancouver, BC


“Further to that is the emotional growth I attained myself in that very short space of time without an intention to do any personal work. I have learnt so much and forgiven so very much that I have come away with a new way of “being” in this world. I now find patience “effortless and easy”. Mostly after 24 hrs travelling it had its moments but I understood those emotions in that context. I now hold a view of the world that I can “be in the moment”. Most poignantly this shows with my children, rather than dinner being one of those chores that I do because of the complete necessity of it. I now cook and eat my dinner holding in mind that I am honestly caring for our bodies. My family have noticed and they love it, and I love it!!” JF, London UK


“So Kathy & Harry , thank you so very much for ALL that you have given me. It is in short phenomenal. Your knowledge, your wisdom, your care and “you” made this something far beyond my high expectations.” SY  Rome Italy

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