Seven Sacred Seals with Kathy Welter

This is your journey, an Inner voyage, an adventure into the nature of your own consciousness.

Contemplation is a gentle path, a quiet path, a private path, therefore we must enter into it lightly.

As your contemplation deepens over time, the living wisdom within you begins to awaken at a new level, leading to unexpected changes and new vistas opening up before you.

This process is referred to as Self-Illumination.

We absorb this teaching mentally first, then we take it in emotionally through our relationships, and finally, it dawns inside us at a physical level. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

This is a rich Inner Voyage into the deep mystery of the Self.

Ask yourself:

  • How does it work best for me?
  • What is the best rhythm for me?
  • Make sure it is right for you.

Listen to the subtle Wisdom Within.

“Inside every shadow hides a Gift!”

– Richard Rudd

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