The Seven Sacred Seals

Kathy Welter, Ambassador & Guide

Seven Sacred Seals Weekends with Kathy Welter

Sat, Sep 3 at 9:00am to
Sun, Sep 4 at 1:00pm PDT

Sat Sep  10 at     9-1

Sun, Sep  11 at   9-1

Hello and Welcome. Feeling the call to connect with the “SEVEN”?

Several years ago, we did a weekend of The Seals; accessing a very deep trance-like state as we entered into the “Gateways” with each of the Archangels and opened to receive the Siddhis associated with these Powerful Seals

It was profound and we felt an incredible shift in both energy and our own frequency and alignment.

I recommend if you are attending – intend to do them all. It feels “undone” and incomplete if you do not.

We’ll use Saturday’s & Sunday mornings, 4 hours each day and it will take us 2 weekends to do them all – with breaks for journaling between the inductions

Each one is a body of wisdom unto itself, so the time and space during the week will give us contemplation, journal time, and even access to some incredible dream times.

We would also recommend you pay special attention to carving out the time for yourself directly following the sessions – for a walk, contemplation, or just “being” with the transmission.

I’ve set up the ZOOM Link for the first two days here & will send the link for the second two days once we complete the first two. Ideally, we’d like just a week to complete them all.

Kathy Welter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: The Seven Sacred Seals Time:

The fee for the entire program is $164. e-transfer

Pre-Course Preparations:

The Seven Sacred Seals, (READ ONLY THE SIDDHI FOR THIS ) In preparation, please read the SIDDHI’s from the Gene Keys for these Gene Keys:

22nd Gene Key – Grace (Only the Siddhi’s – if you start at the beginning of each GK chapter you might get hooked into reading them through)

63rd Gene Key – Quiescence

4th Gene Key – Forgiveness

43rd Gene Key Epiphany

25th Gene Key Rubescence

17th Gene Key – Omniscience

40th Gene Key – Divine Will

These are THEM – the Seven!

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Cost is $164 CDN


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