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✨ Meditation increases Neuroplasticity in the brain
and increases gamma wave activity ✨

Recordings for your use either here or you can download them

Four Minutes Breathing with the Ocean (MP3)  

Practice this breathing technique 3 – 4 times a day, for 1 month and you will change the architecture of your brain.
Instead of anxiety, tension or fear, you will remain calm even in the face of the things that used to stress you.

This is the link to download Four Minutes Breathing

The Relaxation Response (MP3)
(20 minutes of guided visualisation)

This is the link to download Relaxation Response Kathy Welter

Kathy & Harry – Adept #2

This is the 14-minute relaxation induction with Harry and Kathy – Week Two

K & H Adept 2

The Simple Morning Routine (PDF) This is the Link to Download 

Kathy & Harry – Adept #3

Recording with Paul Armitage Music – The Crysalis

Recording with Crystal Bowls – Binaural beats are a perception of sound created by your brain. If you listen to two tones, each at a different frequency and each in a different ear, your brain creates an additional tone you can hear. This third tone is called a binaural beat. You hear it at the frequency difference between the two tones.


Harry & Kathy – Adept #4 




Handouts and notes: 

ADEPT Week One – establishing good brain health 

Mindful Practice Adept 1


The Adept, Week 1


MDTS MTG workbook copy


THE ADEPT – Week Two: Brain Health

SEEDS                                                   Automating Meditation                   The Adept 2


ADEPT Week Three – Deliberate Practice:

week 3 Deliberate Practice


Adept Week 4 – Decide to Keep It

Adept week # 4


Now that you have the Adept in place, Decided to Keep it, perhaps it’s time to add the Meditation Practitioner Certificate and lead Meditation Groups yourself! Join the growing team of leaders in the field of brain enhancement and development…and share with others.


The Graduate Meditation Facilitator Program:  

The Adept – learning the process for yourself over 4 weeks  Practice and Achieve a powerful Meditation Practice for yourself

The Meditation Practitioner Certification: 

Facilitator & Practitioner: Learn all you need to know including evidence-based neuroscience to Lead & Deliver Guided Meditation & Relaxation Circles.

Meditation & Relaxation Circles, the course is 6 weeks, 2 hours a week with home study and practice

The Meditation Teacher Trainer Certification:  

This program is complete with all you need to lead, train, teach and certify others in this program. You will deliver Meditation training and facilitate leading groups as well as be able to offer the certification program through The Graduate Meditation Facilitator


Find out more with Kathy – contact me and see if this is a fit for your life, right now!

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