What is Hypnotherapy Coaching?

➤Hypnotherapy Coach

As your hypnotherapist and coach, I bring over 30 years of study in Hypnosis, NLP & neuroscience, together with the power of coaching, we access the deep consciousness, the part of you that you are aware of and yet often seems elusive. Why do I keep repeating patterns? Why won’t that voice in my head stop the negative drill Sargent demands?

Blending both Hypnosis and Coaching, we bring these two powerful tools of change, together to help you begin to understand why one or the other approach has not returned the result you wanted.

Utilizing both is a game changer.

Initially, we will consult and determine what is most important to you in our sessions, using NLP,  hypnosis,  and coaching, we tackle the limiting beliefs and heal the hidden past, which changes the hidden present.

Utilizing Mental Contrasting and Implementation Intentions we get very clear about what you want targeting the outcome.

The gift is, you track your progress with heightened awareness—which is a critical component of success! As we work towards these changes together.  Using uniquely crafted MP3s we create specifically for you, to continue your work between sessions along with continuing to implement the strategies we’ve created.

The Defined Outcome is critical to achieving what you want:
  • Awareness of limiting beliefs
    Unpacking the hidden past and recognizing how it’s influencing the hidden now
    Strategies that help you target and eliminate blocks
    Processes you use to help you achieve your outcome
    Clarity, Focus and Control
    Ultimately, you participate & engage in achieving your outcome
The power is within you, and you have known that all along. My role is to help you find the incredible opportunities that are right there within your grasp. Once you have it, once you know, you can’t un-know it.

Mindfulness Hypnotherapy Coaching – A new approach to integrating change

As an Author in this field, I’ve been studying it for over 35 years, as both a licensed trainer and best-selling author, I’ve developed programs in many areas where neuroscience is targeting research studies today. These are exciting times for both hypnosis and coaching.

➤Mindfulness Hypnotherapy Coach

As an author of Mindfulness, I support an individual in bringing awareness to the present moment. By doing this, I help you discover how to focus on what you’re doing in each moment. The goal is for your attention to rest on whatever experience you encounter without the expectation that those experiences need to fit into some preconceived structure or “should” be any particular way. Clients learn how to let go of expectations about themselves and others.

➤Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy Coach

This is where it all started for me, my first client over 25 years ago, who suffered from extreme blushing and social anxiety launched into helping people with beliefs and mindsets that involve excessive shyness, fear of being negatively judged by others (especially in public), self-consciousness and worrying about acting in a socially unacceptable manner. My goal as a social anxiety coach is to help you feel less anxious about your interactions with other people rather than become a critical judge of who you are or how you are behaving in any situation.

➤Trauma Hypnotherapy Coach

Perhaps one of my specialities is coaching trauma survivors to “do the right thing” and take care of themselves in times of crisis, with an emphasis on reducing self-harm. Utilizing evidence-based neuroscience that suggests trauma survivors always rely on their own decision-making processes when they are experiencing distress. As a Trauma Coach, I’ve helped hundreds of people recover and arrive at a new level of consciousness, a place of peace with the past, and a celebration of their inner strength.

➤Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy Coach

Creating the Bulimia Breakthrough Method has been one of the most rewarding programs I’ve used to coach in the area of eating disorders. As an Eating Disorder Coach, I’m here to support you on your path to recovery by providing you with accountability and encouragement while helping you develop new healthy coping skills.

I am the best-selling author of “Cashing Hunger, the 90-Day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge” available by contacting me here, either in paperback or e-book.

➤Stress Management/Relief Hypnotherapy Coach

As a Stress Management/Relief Coach I can help you take the next step in managing stress, resolving conflict, and having healthier relationships. I don’t necessarily sit and talk about what you are experiencing or review past stresses etc. Instead, I redirect your focus on helping you develop skills to handle life differently so that you may resolve them yourself and at times, prevent them from reoccurring. I help give people the tools needed to live with more ease and peace of mind.

➤Depression Hypnotherapy Coach

Another top pick for me is helping people with depression adjust their thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Using Hypnotherapy we begin the task of unwinding the past, in the present moment. Sleep is key along with many other small things I’ll help you integrate into your day-to-day, so you can once again, feel freer of the past.

➤Anxiety Hypnotherapy Coach

Helping someone recover from Anxiety or Panic Attacks is such a gift.  I have many tools and strategies for managing anxiety and we try these out to find the one that works best for you, and then implement that. I help people live a life free of excessive worry, stress, and fear. I have extensive years of experience and will utilize both NLP & Hypnotherapy to help you

➤End Of Life Hypnotherapy Coach

As an end-of-life coach, I’ve experienced loss myself and feel the true privilege of assisting those who are experiencing a “life-threatening illness” and family members who are struggling with loss and bereavement. As a Hospice Care provider and winner of the 1999 Spirit of Community Award for my work in this field I use meditation, mindfulness, and hypnosis to help clients and their families by providing comfort, reducing stress and facilitating communication among all parties concerned. Some of my greatest moments have come when helping the family ‘regroup’ during the last hours and the hours following the patient’s death.  Here we find healing and forgiving and start the path to healing the heart.

➤Grief Hypnotherapy Coach

During years of training in hospice, leading groups, and working privately with clients and patients,  I have unique and powerful skills to help people deal with feelings about the loss of someone in their lives.  The results of accumulative losses can topple even the strongest of us, as a grief coach time, patience and deep listening, are the skills I use, along with helping you focus on the day-to-day things to help you begin to return to living your life again. This might sound really overwhelming at the onset, however, the key is the support to help you process the events in your way and in your time.

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